Bloody Mary’s like everything else in the world are something you either love or not. Me, I love a good, strong Bloody Mary.

mary and the boys ingredients

A good Bloody Mary will have Worcestershire Sauce, tomato juice, Tabasco sauce, and most important to me, freshly grated horseradish. From here, you are on your own. How spicy you decide to make the drink is a personal preference. How much lemon or lime you add, well it’s all a matter of taste.

Did you know that when you grate a horseradish root it tends to be a bit less pungent in the beginning, however, after sitting in a bowl for a little while it gains strength. The key is to arrest the pungency by adding some vinegar when it is as strong as you would like it to be.

mary and the boys

Now, to make a Mary and the Boy’s, you need to get the largest and best shrimp you can find. I know…I like the oxymoron part of this too. Lusty Lobster supplied the shrimps. These shrimps came in at a whopping 6 to the pound, but that was all we needed. Boil the shrimp as you will for a shrimp cocktail, make your Bloody Mary to your preferred taste, add a good amount of lemon juice and a lemon slice to the top of the glass with the shrimps. There you have it….Mary and the Boys.

The concept of this appetizer came from the Track-In Steak House in Castleton Vermont. They list it on their menu as an appetizer and it is a wonderful way to start a meal.

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5 thoughts on “MEET MARY AND THE BOYS

  1. Kathleen Prince

    I have been having Mary and the Boys for years ..
    My first was at Venice Beach Florida, while watching the
    sun go down with a “Bang”. It really does make a “Bang”
    and so does this wonderful toast to the sunset!

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