In the New York Times restaurant review section this weekend I found a critic who might just be a kindred spirit. David Kocieniewski wrote a terrific review for this restaurant that has impressed me so much that I have written about them on my blog, Black Eyed Susans’ Kitchen, here, here, and on this blog here. There is a little thrill of validation when others agree with you.

One of the points made in the review mentioned the lemon chiffon cream that “started out with a jolt of citrus flavor”. Clearly, we were on the same page because in my post about the chefs, I included one of their recipes that just happened to be the very same lemon chiffon cream.

walnut chiffon cake

The cake was moist and delicious and would have been fine without it, but with the cream it was memorable. My suggestion, read the review here, make a reservation at Via 45 in Red Bank, NJ here, and when you are entertaining in your own kitchen, whip up the lemon cream…it is fairly easy and it will impress all.

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