Last post in my trilogy of the JOCEF fundraiser. This was in my humble opinion, the biggest surprise of the night. Like mermaids rising from the briny sea, the women you see picture were indeed, Oyster Girls. They shucked oysters for you on the spot. To say this fund raiser was a fun time would be an under-estimation. The people who planned this out should take their bows…they produced a spectacular show.


Thank you to Doug Douty and Laurie Devine for this information. The Roaming Shuckers, or Shuck-ette’s ¬†were there courtesy of The Lusty Lobster in Highlands, NJ.

2 thoughts on “OYSTER GIRLS

  1. Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

    Every post about this fundraiser, concluding with this one, had me drooling, Susan! What a scrumptious array of foods and culinary talent! You were very fortunate to attend, and did an excellent job reporting all about it! The oyster girls would really have attracted my attention–I love oysters on the half shell with a dab of horseradish and cocktail sauce.—mmmmmm!

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