kelsey2Souvenirs: Some world travelers keep diaries listing places they’ve been and sights seen. Maybe the photos and words jar memories of happy times but sometimes an aroma or a taste of a meal shared with loved ones can also trigger those memories.

Kelsey Kazmac has been traveling the globe with her Grandmother and Mother for most of her life. A holiday rooted in heritage, Finland holds fond memories for her.


So what does a twenty four year old vegetarian do when she yearns for a taste of nostalgia? She takes over the kitchen and bakes.

Karelian pie or pasty is comprised of a savory rice porridge baked into a rustic yet assertive rye-flour crust. The contradiction of the fine but simple rice pudding nestled into the flavorful shell produces a tasty snack.

A pretty golden-yellow chopped egg topping is the flourish that completes this dish. The traditional Finnish tart is a mouthful of subtleties. From the varied textural contrasts in the soft rice and crunch of crust, to the salty and buttery flavors that sit on your tongue. It is a happy, homey taste experience.

Found at Scandinavian festivals in the United States, this is a dish worth seeking out. Of course, there’s always the option of a quick flight to Finland — or maybe  a recipe to be enjoyed in your kitchen at home. This one is thanks to VegHog in the United Kingdom. kelsey1


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