Breakfast in bed, might be your kids idea of a Mother’s Day treat. Scrambled eggshell omelet, burned toast and cereal with orange juice added for flavor, were some memorable dishes from the past.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? Kid’s learn from what they experience in their homes, and an important point here, they learn to love food from those who teach them to do so.

051015 mothersdaybrian

Recently, a real estate agent, looking over our house remarked that the kitchen was unique. She liked it, but you could see the wheels turning in her head. How do you go about marketing unique?

To us, the kitchen morphed out of a need to accommodate the preparation of food on many levels. From the day-to-day experienced cook (me), the take-no-prisoners cook (my husband), who is happiest ripping into a 128 ingredient, complicated recipe, to the novice cooks (all 3 of our kids). Those little culinary minds are grown up now. The oldest a professional chef. Our daughter in the middle a first class baker, and the youngest, seen in the photo above rocking a rather complicated breakfast.

051015 freerangeeggsbenedict

The fruit of our labor turned out a fantastic adaptation of the classic Eggs Benedict. Poaching the free range eggs bought at the farmers market this week, our youngest, then made a thick, lemony, Hollandaise sauce. He assembled sauce, eggs, and smoked salmon over biscuits. The color of the runny yolk from those eggs is a food-porn sight to behold. The entire dish inspired color palates to use for clothing and decorating.

051015 mothersdaybrunch

Breakfast was served on the porch. A simple vintageĀ Bennington pitcher filled with fresh lilacs and roses adorn the table.

051015 mothersdaybrunch

If we meant to raise gourmet artists, chefs, or foodies in general, we certainly didn’t do it on purpose. It is an undeniable truth though, that children learn by example. We seem to have set the culinary bar a little higher than some, but the rewards we are reaping are sweet and savory.


  1. Jenna

    Okay. First of all, I’m jealous and I want in on that breakfast.
    It looks perfect.
    Second of all, thank you for calling me a “first class baker”… that’s quite the compliment. <3

    See you later.

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