Scenery around Seattle and it’s surrounding area is stunning. When you come from a flat-lander area, it can actually be awesome. Take those remarkably tall evergreens, add a thundering waterfall to the scene, throw in an impressive lodge and shake till you just don’t know where to look first.

102414 snoquamie falls3

It is a scene that screams, this is what Washington is all about. Big, strong, and broad shouldered, this state is not for wimps. But, this is a blog about food, so why am I writing about panoramic views?

102414 snoquamie falls1

Because that was the eyeful we took in while enjoying brunch (yes, I said brunch) at Salish Lodge. An enormous modern building made to look like a log cabin, with birds eye views of the falls. So, does the food hold up to the strength and stamina of its surroundings? Yes!

102414 snoquamie falls

With great attention to detail, the menu is a genteel nod to the northeast. First, to ignore the biscuits would be a mistake. Enormous, light and fluffy, these biscuits are the perfect vehicle to get butter,  jam and/or honey into your mouth. Accompanying the coffee service, we found chocolate shavings and thick whipped cream. The biscuit whispered to me to dress it in a dollop of cream and strawberry preserves. By the time we were ready to eat our actual entrees I was feeling full.

102414 snoquamie falls2

After I gave everyone the okay to start forking up their food (pictures must be taken first), I was glad to have ordered only the seafood chowder. Two of those biscuits can really ruin an appetite. The chowder was rich and full of fish and crab, but the egg dishes really stood out. A salmon hash, full of big chunks of smoked salmon and homefried potatoes was topped with poached eggs and arugula. Served in a cast iron pan, it was the epitome of lodge food. The Eggs Benedict served over big chunks of crab and smothered in Hollandaise sauce was a very elegant dish. Waffles with fried chicken served with maple syrup was another lodge style dish. All hearty, satisfying, and if we were planning to do the work of a lumberjack, maybe appropriate. For sight-seeing, well let’s just say we weren’t looking for another meal right afterward.

102414 perfect poach

Everyone at the table had to agree that the lodge kitchen knew how to make a mesmerizing-ly perfect poached egg.

102414 snoqualmie skyline

The views were unforgettable.

102414 falls

Simply unforgettable….

102414 biscuit

So why does my mind keep circling back to those amazing biscuits? Maybe a party or get-together of some kind needs to be planned just to make and serve these morsels of my dreams. I wonder if the lodge will ship them with their accoutrement across the country… everyone needs a souvenir.

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