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A peculiar fact about brunch, the meal that took breakfast and turned it into lunch, is that it originated in Great Britain. Yup. Not originally known for culinary endeavors, it was the Englishman’s love of the hunt that instigated a meal that is neither breakfast, lunch or dinner but a hybrid of all three.

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Scenery around Seattle and it’s surrounding area is stunning. When you come from a flat-lander area, it can actually be awesome. Take those remarkably tall evergreens, add a thundering waterfall to the scene, throw in an impressive lodge and shake till you just don’t know where to look first.

102414 snoquamie falls3

It is a scene that screams, this is what Washington is all about. Big, strong, and broad shouldered, this state is not for wimps. But, this is a blog about food, so why am I writing about panoramic views?

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