You have to check this place out! I was told by several friends who get excited over new food concepts and places. A short road trip brought us out of our peninsular-ized complacency, and on to Route 36, destination, Airport Plaza in Hazlet. In Jersey speak, we didn’t even have to take the Parkway, so no exit numbers were involved.

Kazia’s Grab N Go, owned by Cliff and Mitzy Moore is a unique and exciting concept in fresh-made, prepackaged, groceries, and beverages. All in the realm of Asian foods. If you like fresh sushi, spring rolls, or ramen, they have it made and ready for you to eat in or take home. Should you want to prepare a meal from scratch, they have the ingredients you will need for that too. They can also help you with your shopping list if the names on the packages confuse you.

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Let’s begin with the fresh-made meals. Several different varieties of dumplings, noodle dishes and soups are ready to go, or you can stay and sit at one of their tables to enjoy your meal. Confused? The Moores are happy to help with their knowledge of ingredients, how best to reheat a dish, and any other questions you might have.


020715 kazias noodles and sauces

The front of the store is set up fast-food restaurant style. The back of the store has shelves stocked with every kind of grocery you might need, and I’m told that if you don’t see what you are looking for, they will do their best to hunt it down and order it for you. Sauces, noodles, teas, sweets, rice, are just some of the vast variety of Asian groceries you will find here. It’s almost mind boggling in choice and yet condensed enough that you can figure out what the market has in stock fairly quickly.

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Leaning on the all encompassing term Asian, they carry specialties from Korea, Japan, Thailand, India, China, Philippines,  and Indonesia.

Their beverage choices alone had my head spinning, but in that good way. I honestly can’t wait to go back and pick up a jar of Korean tea that looks for all the world like fruity jam. I’m told that you add hot water to the ready tea product coming in flavors such as honey, citron, plum, or pomegranate. I was also introduced to the concept of corn silk tea, another item I’ll be checking out. While we’re on the subject of new-to-me products, there are samples to taste all over the store.

020715 artsea and kazias

Should you find yourself craving a more exotic junk food experience, there is also a hot dog bar, done of course in the Asian style. A basic hot dog is served with your choice of condiment. Kimchee, Asian cole slaw, or a spicy peanut sauce. And, if you want to wash it all down with something fun, edgy and unique, they have a full-on bubble tea bar.

020715 kazias mitzi

If all of this isn’t exciting enough for you, how about a Panda mascot? That’s Mitzy Moore posing with the panda bear, and all fooling around aside, she is a wealth of food knowledge and a good  source of inspiration. Once we all get used to the grab and go concept, I am hoping they will consider Asian cooking classes at some point.

020715 kazias candy

One last sweet word of advice, be prepared to find all of your Asian candy/dessert dreams here. The variety of mochi alone will send your taste buds into a tornadic overdrive. Bring the kids too, they deserve a lesson on what is really out there in the food world besides chicken nuggets.

Kazia’s Asian Grab n Go can be found at 1358 Route 36, Hazlet, NJ … 732-344-6126

find them on Face Book https://www.facebook.com/kaziasasian and tell them Flavor Chronicles sent you!


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