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What better tribute is there than a continuation of your life’s work? At the third annual “Recipe for Success” gala — Culinary education foundation to benefit culinary arts students from the Jersey Shore — more than thirty local restaurants, many run by chefs who worked with Joe Romanowski, brought interesting and tasty dishes for guests to sample. Students from The Culinary Education Center prepared gourmet treats too. Here’s a glimpse of the tastes of the evening….

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Your day was meh. If you’re anything like me, you come home to the place where you can shut out the rest of the world, put on what ever old thing makes you comfortable, maybe a little music and maybe a glass of wine or a beer. Okay, feeling a bit better you peruse the take-out menu folder and shuffle through it like you don’t have it memorized.

Pizza? no. Chinese? no. Okay, I have a suggestion for you. Hit the pantry. Go in and pull out all of those jars and cans that have been sitting on the shelf. Look through the fridge. Is there a box of pasta? Spaghetti? Good. Here’s the recipe — and I use that word loosely — that I make when I want honest to goodness, simple comfort food in a hurry.

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My palate is stuck in Paris…while my body is still happily enjoying what we call local summer at the Jersey Shore. This is the moment when most of the tourists and summer denizens have gone back to where-ever-they-live and the traffic returns to something we consider normal. After living here for a quarter of a century I can attest to the fact that this is truly a time to rejoice. But why are my taste buds wishing to hang out at a true Parisian café?

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A peculiar fact about brunch, the meal that took breakfast and turned it into lunch, is that it originated in Great Britain. Yup. Not originally known for culinary endeavors, it was the Englishman’s love of the hunt that instigated a meal that is neither breakfast, lunch or dinner but a hybrid of all three.

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