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At what point in the English language did lemons become a metaphor for life? Eggs in my opinion make more sense. My life has become scrambled, or things are going over-easy. Maybe life has become deviled or hard boiled? We’ll go with lemons though.

Six months ago, through a series of events, our household became business not-as-usual. Fortunate or not, life moves forward and we roll with the changes.

One change that I have been craving for quite a while is the sale of our house. It was the perfect place to raise children. A cul de sac location in a seaside borough where kids ride their bicycles to school. It served its purpose and my husband and I wanted to be free of the hassle of taking care of house, gardens and lawn.

We didn’t expect our real estate agent to have offers for us the first weekend on the market. But there we were. Three days in and we have the offer we were hoping to get.

The buyers wanted a six week closing and the deal was just too good to walk away from.

So six weeks after we took their offer, we find ourselves lightened by the enormous amount of energy it takes to run a big house. We have also lightened the load of our belongings. An estate sale run by a professional helped.

navesink viewWith no time to look for or even consider a new home we were incredibly lucky to find an apartment in the same building that our daughter and her boyfriend live in. A perfect, mid-century two bed, two bath with gleaming parquet floors and a river view.

You are now up to date. Food articles will be written from a new place with culinary creations coming out of a new kitchen. Flavor Chronicles/ Chefs in Motion resumes this week with a good-neighbor going away party post.

When life gives you lemons, squeeze them into a Bloody Mary. Sit down, enjoy the view and savor the opportunity to try something new.


Down and out with a nasty case of flu for the past week, it’s time to catch up. Writing deadlines first, and what’s been going on with the local restaurants and chefs second.

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We bellied up to a high top at the recently opened B2 Bistro & Bar on Shrewsbury Avenue in Red Bank. This building once held an old fashioned Italian restaurant so beloved by locals that they still talk about it today. It was at Sal’s that we shushed our babies while trying to enjoy pasta puttanesca and veal parm. Two or three other restaurants took over the spot and failed. This one, B2 is gonna stick.

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Writing about food can give you some unique opportunities. Sent to cover a local restaurant that would be featured on a major news show in the near future, I went in with low expectations. Thinking the news team would consider me in the way, the experience was completely to the contrary.

071714 boondocks

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            Yes, I left out stir, mix, shake, and all of the other fantastically descriptive turns our food will take before it is plated before us to adore and then devour.


Life is just too short to eat mediocre meals and because of this, I bring you a brand spanking new blog specifically related to what people are eating, how they are preparing the raw materials and the artists who spend their time creating our foodie adventures. I am hoping to incorporate local flavor into your world through photos and words, show you the chefs in action, and enlighten your culinary world. I would like to include what is growing in some of the local gardens and farms, and if they will allow me, bring you into some amazing local kitchens as well. We will bring you the ins and outs of cooking classes, restaurants both the high-end and the comfort food zones that we crave.



The first post will feature a tribute to Joe Romanowski, a local chef who achieved such legendary status among his peers in his too short life, that they have named a scholarship fund and benefit in his honor. Tomorrow night the Joe Romanowski Culinary Education Foundation will hold their Recipe For Success. There will be 21 restaurants represented at this event and I will serve up this tribute to you on Tuesday, April 2nd. In the meantime, if you would like to know more about the bowl of corn chowder made by Chef Joe a few years ago, follow this link to my original blog, Black Eyed Susan’s Kitchen. For now, you can find me through Facebook or  email as this blog will be a work in progress.