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At what point in the English language did lemons become a metaphor for life? Eggs in my opinion make more sense. My life has become scrambled, or things are going over-easy. Maybe life has become deviled or hard boiled? We’ll go with lemons though.

Six months ago, through a series of events, our household became business not-as-usual. Fortunate or not, life moves forward and we roll with the changes.

One change that I have been craving for quite a while is the sale of our house. It was the perfect place to raise children. A cul de sac location in a seaside borough where kids ride their bicycles to school. It served its purpose and my husband and I wanted to be free of the hassle of taking care of house, gardens and lawn.

We didn’t expect our real estate agent to have offers for us the first weekend on the market. But there we were. Three days in and we have the offer we were hoping to get.

The buyers wanted a six week closing and the deal was just too good to walk away from.

So six weeks after we took their offer, we find ourselves lightened by the enormous amount of energy it takes to run a big house. We have also lightened the load of our belongings. An estate sale run by a professional helped.

navesink viewWith no time to look for or even consider a new home we were incredibly lucky to find an apartment in the same building that our daughter and her boyfriend live in. A perfect, mid-century two bed, two bath with gleaming parquet floors and a river view.

You are now up to date. Food articles will be written from a new place with culinary creations coming out of a new kitchen. Flavor Chronicles/ Chefs in Motion resumes this week with a good-neighbor going away party post.

When life gives you lemons, squeeze them into a Bloody Mary. Sit down, enjoy the view and savor the opportunity to try something new.


You read that title correctly. Those who live by the shore get to shop at the shore and what could be better than to find a weekly farmers market in the parking lot of our local beach? Just off of Ocean Avenue at the top of the Jersey Shore, the town of Sea Bright is in it’s second year of playing host to an open air market. Cool salty sea breezes and glorious sunshine were as appetizing as the culinary offerings.

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Taste and Technique, a cooking studio in Fair Haven, NJ, often schedules local celebrity chef’s for demonstrations. These classes are always delicious, informative and entertaining. The cooking school also offers hands-on learning opportunities with professional chef’s. Rachel Weston taught a class recently, her first time at this studio, but not her first time teaching, that was instructive, insightful, and of course, delicious. Although I have some experience in the food world, I walked away with a few new tricks.

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Delicious, well prepared food isn’t always beautiful, and beautiful food is often tasteless. Such is the situation encountered over and over again at large scale events. Fundraisers, foodie dinners, farm-to-table, you name it. Every now and then though, my theories become fried in the over-used cooking oil and proof does indeed come out in the pudding.

091314 cheeseburger sliders


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Living in an area of the world where the seasons dictate our gardens and our outdoor activities, the time is upon us where we take stock in what has been, what has grown, and what we have to look forward to. 082414 compost pumpkins
Plucked from a rather large bush near our garden, these two lovely pumpkins were a gift from the compost fairies. Don’t believe me? Here is proof positive.

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